This is a demo version of the admin control panel. SMS/Email alerts and any changes are disabled in the demo version.

The editing of personal data

(to receive SMS notifications
when new clients are registered)
Log out from all devices
Your tariff: «Premium» active until 12/12/2112 (remained 33284 days). History of operations
Extend your current pricing plan or choose a new one. The functionality available in each of the fares is described on the main page of the site in the section "Prices". If the tariff is not selected or extended, the account will be automatically transferred to the "Free" tariff".
When the current fare is extended, the remaining unused days are added to the new fare expiration date. When switching a fare, the remaining days are recalculated based on the monthly cost of the selected fare.

If you are an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity, we can issue you an invoice for payment.
To issue an invoice, please provide information about Your organization:

After saving the information, select a pricing plan in the section above and click the "Issue an invoice"button. The invoice will appear in this section. Payment processing may take up to three business days.

WhatsApp notification:

  • Connect WhatsApp

SMS notification:

  • Enable the sender's own name (рекомендуется)

You can add up to 10 additional users.

If an employee is selected, the user will only see the booking of this / these employees. If no employee is selected , the bookings of all employees will be displayed.
When the checkboxes are set , the user will receive notifications if they are logged in to the selected employees. If no employees are selected, notifications will be sent to the user if any of the employees are logged in.
Подключение возможно после создания пользователя.
If you do not allow access to viewing contacts or client databases, quick search by name/phone/email is also disabled.
Guest - access only to view the list of entries in the booking log;
Manager - access to view, create and edit log entries, statistics, employee work schedules, search and select from the client database;
Administrator - full access to the system, similar to the main account, except for the profile sections, tariffs, and managing additional users.